When I was little I was always sneaking into the art supplies. I was drawing and creating so much that my parents could hardly keep up with the demand. Once my Dad even brought home a box full of 10,000 sheets of paper just for me to use. Later, after several loads laundry were ruined by melted wax my Mom made a rule that crayons were banned from being carried in my pockets. In the summer months I would take my best pieces of art and peddle them to my neighbors for 25 cents apiece as a way to earn money to go to the movies.

I continued my love of art all through high school and won several awards along the way. Right after high school I painted several murals but fear of becoming a starving artist and self-doubt caused me to believe I couldn’t do it as a career. So I went to Utah State and got my degree in Family Consumer and Human development with an emphasis in deaf education. While at school I met a dreamy green-eyed boy who worked at the bookstore. We got married and worked hard to put us both through school. With both of us working so hard I gradually stopped painting and drawing. I instead spent my free time mountain biking and snowboarding (things that got me away from my study desk).

It wasn’t until my husband was in his 3rd year of medical school and three young children at home that I rediscovered my love of painting and drawing. I felt the need to find a fulfilling pastime that I could easily do at home. In February of 2016 I decided to participate in a 30 day art challenge as a way to push myself back into art. I had to draw or paint everyday for 30 days. I started those 30 days just doing little 5-minute doodles and by day 30, I was doing full size watercolor paintings.

Since that challenge hardly a day goes by that I don’t paint or draw. I have gone back to my roots of constantly creating. The only difference now is that I have to buy my own art supplies and any clothes that get ruined in the creative process. I also peddle my artwork to any virtual neighbors who are interested via my etsy page.

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